I want a pig.

That might be an unconventional way to begin an About page, but it’s true. Not just any pig – a potbelly pig. There’s plenty more to me than that, but can you imagine having a pet pig?

Even as a child I wanted to fence off a portion of our yard to make a pig pen. I guess it’s been a lifelong dream. I could walk around the neighborhood, with my pig on a leash, chatting with neighbors along the way and letting kids pet the fuzzy little guy, the whole time smiling ear to ear.

Mind you, I’m a happy person and I smile a lot, but having a pig
would be fantastic.

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B Street Salon
Fulani Hand Bags
Fu Underwear
Hair or Make-up USA
Manica Magazine
Melanie Brooke Designs
Meredith Banzhoff
New York PS 1
Obsessed Minerals
Spoon Fashion